Hot head (Powerpod 2 axis)


The hot head is a support for cameras with remote control movement in several axes (two or three). It gives us aerial images close to the ground, which allows us any type of tracking and movement at different heights so as not to lose details in wide shots. To do this, they can be mounted on any type of dolly or crane, on a truss and even on a camera car to be able to record moving images at a certain speed.

Its control includes pan movements that allow us to move the camera horizontally, either left-right or right-left. And also tilt movement, which allows us to move the camera vertically either from bottom to top or from top to bottom. The hot heads with third axis have roll (360º continuous movement). They are also equipped with a zoom and focus control, which are operated with great precision and from a distant position.

The powerpod hot heads (English manufacture) for their correct operation, are supplied with:

  • Heden motors for focus, zoom and diaphragm.
  • Worrel fluid cranks.
  • AVC console with joystick.
  • Auxiliary wiring material.
  • Table.
  • Chair.

At Movican grúas para Cine y TV, S.L. we have specific cranes to install hot head:

Both cranes are equipped with traveling wheels that allow them to be installed on tracks and pneumatic or displacement wheels that allow them to be moved on different floors to work with them.