Camera supports in Spain

We are Movican grúas para Cine y TV, S.L., a company founded 37 years ago and since then we have specialized in finding and renting the best cranes for the audiovisual sector in Spain, for the filming of major cinematographic works in the country, advertisements most impressive advertisements and, above all, the most important television series in the country.

Thanks to the fundamental role we play in cinematographic works, great works have been carried out successfully, which has raised the name of our country at a national and international level.

But the success of our company is not limited to great cinematographic works, we have also dedicated ourselves to supporting television series and advertising in our country.

Camera mount rental in Spain

The success of a television series does not lie only in the quality of the actors or the director, it is also attributed to the production that includes everything related to cameras, the use of them and their supports. There are many factors involved in the success of a film or television series, and logistics is undoubtedly one of those basic elements to achieve a correct setting. They have great weight within the work, hence the importance of our company in the history of Spanish cinema.

Our cranes for supporting cameras for film and television make a difference in the production of television series, advertisements and large cinematographic works, because through the quality of what we offer we have made many works possible in our country for a long time. 37 years.

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