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Equipment for cinema, fiction and advertising in Spain

We are Movican grúas para Cine y TV, S.L., a company dedicated to camera supports and equipment for cinema in Spain. Our basic objective, through our supports, is to try to provide solutions to all the ideas and situations that have been planned and are raised in each shoot that clients plan.

Some of the first supports that were used in the medium were Cranes and with them filming of series, television programs, advertising, video clips, institutional videos, promotions, films, sporting events and others were carried out. The audiovisual market has been evolving, which has caused an emergence of new dollys and camera supports that cover all the needs of the shooting day, whether on set or in different indoor or outdoor locations.

A camera support needs a technician (machinist, key grip, crane operator) to handle it with maximum safety measures to get its full potential out of it. Depending on the type of recording, it is recommended that there be two technicians on set. And we, Movican grúas para Cine y TV, S.L., are at your disposal to advise you on what is most convenient for you and your project.

We are dedicated to the world of great cinematographic works in Spain, we make cranes and camera supports available to large productions to film advertisements, television series, films and short films.

Our strength is to find the correct supports to make the cinematographic work without any type of setback, we are a company with a long history in the audiovisual world sector.

In our company we do work that at first glance does not seem important, but when you see the final result of the work, the television series or the advertisement, we understand that we play a very important role in the success achieved.


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